An elegant app, handcrafted with love, that connects you to the real estate market's finest.

Domobase lets you input your name, photo and contact details. It records the type of property you wish to buy, rent or invest in. It also fetches the locations where you wish such a property to be. Our artificial intelligence & dedicated team will then team up to promote your inquiry to the right three local real estate agents & landlords.

A single button

Walk around in the city, discover the most beautiful neighborhoods, and tap on the button to fetch your location.

The magic happens

You only need to sign up in a tap once. You can submit the same profile in multiple locations, or different criteria within the same location. Domobase lets you find not only a home, but also an office or an investment opportunity.

Domobase markets your demand.

The core service behind Domobase is free for you because we build around your demand the economics of our platform.

We promote and price your inquiry to create strong incentives. This makes sure your demand is met while your privacy remains respected. You no longer need to waste time to get in touch with the right persons in the market.

  • A couple just moved in a new city.
  • The woman discovers great neighbourhoods.
  • She taps on Domobase.
  • An awesome agency calls her back.
  • They show her a great apartment.
  • The couple is happy with their new home.

Only the finest professionals.

We have teamed up with or are using the finest real estate agencies and companies throughout the world.

A closer look into the beast.

Our mobile app is delivered as expected: simple, stable & efficient. It is made with state-of-the-art technology to deliver an elegant and user-friendly experience. The app is fully compatible with Apple iOS and Google Android. Our AI & team are able to handle inquiries from all around the world.

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About us

Domobase is the fruit of a talented, international, multicultural and pluridisciplinary team made up of bright entrepreneurs, creative developers and motivated managers.

Domobase is incorporated as a U.S. company and enjoys financial resources from a solid group of dedicated investors. We want to remain by your side throughout your lifetime.

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